How Do We Clean Your Grout?

While on quotes people are amazed by how we can quickly provide them with a sample of what the grout will look like after a cleaning. With a small spray of an alkaline cleaning agent and a quick brush followed by a wipe with a towel we are able show are customers there original grout color. We constantly get asked "How did you do that so easily?" "I have tried everything and nothing works for me." So we have decided to start this forum for you.

How many of us look at our tile floors in our homes and can't believe how dirty the grout lines look? Unfortunately cleaning dirty tiles, whether they are in the hallway, bathroom or kitchen areas, is something we don't like to do. To make the job easier here are a couple of options that you can try to restore your grout to a cleaner appearance.

These are Do It Yourself suggestions that can help brighten up your tile and grout. Purchase some tile and grout cleaner from your local home improvement store.

There are a few different brands so make sure you read the labels to know what one is best for your application because some may not be suitable for certain types of tile. Always try a small test patch in an area that won't be noticeable. Some of the cleaners are acidic and may “etch” your natural stone tiles. Using vinegar to clean your tiles may also “etch” your natural stone tile surface. Etching appears as a dull spot or water mark on your tile that will need to be removed professionally.

Use the appropriate cleaner with a stiff nylon brush and some muscle (not a tooth brush) which will help work out the dirt. As you are cleaning keep wiping up the cleaning solution and soils to prevent it from drying back on your surface. Once you clean your grout allow it to dry and then seal the grout lines so dirt build up can be prevented.

Overall, your easiest solution to removing stubborn dirt from your tile and grout is to call a professional. They have the proper equipment and cleaning solutions to remove years of dirt from your tile and grout in a quick and easy way. Remember cleaning grout can change your feelings about renovating and removing tile unnecessarily. A good soil extraction from a professional cleaner can save you from expensive renovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I have not tried to use the cleaning solutions purchased from local stores my best guess is they just are not concentrated enough?

Those are premixed, the cleaning agents we use we purchase concentrated and mix to suit our needs. We also have multiple types of cleaning agents for different applications like natural stones, ceramics, porcelains, hard water build up, lime scale etc.

The first step to keeping your grout clean is to ensure it is sealed properly with a good penetrating sealer. This will help prevent stains. Second clean your floors regularly. I recommend using a micro fiber mop with your favorite cleaning solution. Use just enough cleaner to clean the soils but not to much that it pools in your grout lines after mopping.

After cleaning use a dry micro fiber mop or towel and remove any pooled dirty water from your grout lines. This will prevents the dirt from being left on the grout when the water evaporates.

If your seeing water marks left behind where a glass has been sitting, you will also see water marks (dark areas) around the sink and faucet. The dark marks will disappear when the water dries.

A test I like to use is dampen a clean paper towel and place it on the counter for about a minute with something on top of it. When you remove it if you see a water mark you probable need to apply more sealer.

Whether one is referring to a home, restaurant, hospital, office, or many others, tile and grout flooring catch visitors' attention instantly as they walk on it. Moreover, grout lines are porous in nature and easily absorb grease, dirt, mold, mildew and lime scale. The soils, dirt, grime, and spills create marks and patches on the grout joints of the tile floor, and subsequently make the entire floor look dirty and unattractive.

Unclean floors can also have a negative impact on business and visitors in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, offices, schools and other organizations. Therefore, it is very necessary to protect, maintain, and preserve the tiles and keep them looking great, and for a hygienic environment.

Grout creates harmful health effects if not cleaned properly as harmful microbes, dirt, grease, stains, and mold can accumulate in it resulting in it resulting in foul odors and deteriorating indoor air quality. Substances penetrate the tiny grout pores making thorough cleaning extremely difficult.

Sometimes the surface looks clean but it contains unseen filth that not only affects the brightness of the floor but can also lead to grout cleaning and maintenance problems. Tile and grout cleaning becomes more difficult and challenging the longer the floor is neglected. Grout is difficult to clean and requires extra care and special tile and grout cleaning equipment; unclean tiles and stained grout mars the entire appearance of the flooring.

We recommend that you stay off the floor for at least 30 minutes.