Granite Polishing

Prestige can Seal and Restore Your Granite to its Original High Gloss

Granite countertops add an elegant touch to any home. When new they are sealed, polished, freshly buffed – giving the impression that they are indestructible and will last that way forever.

Like anything, time wears on the granite countertop and the tell-tale signs of daily kitchen use become apparent. Lack of lustre and areas that darken when wet are signs that it’s time to have your granite countertops sealed and polished.

Although granite is, in fact, a very durable and tough material, it does require some maintenance in order to maintain its beauty.

Granite needs to be maintained properly to keep it's shine looking its best. Over time improper cleaning will dull the gloss of your granite countertops, if your granite is in need of sealing you will start to notice darkening of areas that get wet and fade again when dry. This is also how stains happen.

Things like wine and sauces can penetrate your granite leaving permanent stains if your granite is not sealed properly. Since granite is a very hard stone, most stone restoration companies tend to shy away from it, our professional technicians will ensure that your countertops’ original beauty is restored.

No matter the damage, it is always cheaper to repair, restore and refinish granite counter-tops, rather than to replace them.

Cleaning Your Granite

Restoring gloss to your granite counter top does not require diamond grinding. Our very unique process consists of special formulated cleaning and polishing agents that will restore your granite's original luster. Removing soils, water deposits and old built up cleaning agents properly will restore your granite's high gloss. Our process does NOT consist of wax based products that can wear quickly!

We are proud to provide top quality services that include: