Thin Film Floor Systems

System: Color

NeverStrip Thin Film Epoxy plus Color with or without vinyl flakes and top coat gives an incredible option for revitalization of your flooring. VCT, VAT, Concrete - the color options are endless. Provide a spark on the old tired floor in your facility while providing a never-buff, never-burnish, never-strip surface that cleans surprisingly easy.



System: Concrete Clear Coat

Cover some of the defects in the flooring, with a slightly decorative sand system. Great for heavy traffic locals, and systems that need to last. If you want to spruce up your concrete, without breaking the bank, try one of the NeverStrip Concrete Clear Coat options. Extremely durable and beautifying at the same time.



System: Concrete Stain

Tired of concrete stains walking-off after just a few short periods after installation? No longer. The trick? NeverStrip' top coats! Our revolutionary clear top coats go right over the concrete stain and lock in the colors, while providing a wear layer second-to-none in the industry!



System: Gloss, Satin, Matte

Our bread and butter Urethane clear coats. Pick your Floor. Pick your Sheen. Pick your level of happiness! Never buff,never burnish, never strip again as you step into the 21st century with floor maintenance. Applicable on multiple surfaces while providing a single method of cleaning.