Tile and Grout Sealing Systems

System: Urethane

Wall-to-wall protective barrier for the ultimate durable system in a restroom environment. Resistant to urines, salts, and smells the Urethane Top Coat will provide everything you need for a restroom revitalization. Expect 2-5 years with each top coat.




System: Tile Seal

A fast drying, highly stain resistant, in-use time of minutes option that will restore tile and grout, while providing an enhanced natural stone appearance. Expect 12 months lifecycles before refreshing with a deep clean and another thin coat of Tile Seal.




System: Transformation

Don't like the maintenance and looks of your old tile and grout flooring? Don't have a budget to demo it completely? Don't settle for anything less than a total tile transformation. 100% Seamless flooring installed right over your existing tile and grout. Revolutionary and beautiful options that can fit any budget.




System: Shower Sealing / Coating

Our advanced tile and grout sealing process reduces the chances of mould, scum and hard water build up. With our proprietary cleaning & sealing process your showers tile and grout will be virtually non porous. This allows long lasting results and easier regular cleaning. Available on ceramic, porcelain, marble and other natural stone showers.